Translation automation

Problems of automated translations

Kwiecień 17 2015

translation automation problems

Translation is a complicated process that necessitates the translator not only to be a proficient user of both source and target languages but also to have an in-depth cultural knowledge of cultures in question. This is for the reason that languages are complex and constantly developing phenomena. It is a well – known fact that there is no such thing as a perfect translation. Even the human translator needs to be focused of conveying the meaning of the original to the target audience, which is not always possible and achievable. Taking the above into consideration, it can be seen that there are numerous major obstacles on the way of achieving a good quality machine translations. These obstacles are discussed in this section of the thesis .

First of all, it is necessary to present and discuss the most important factors that contribute to problems with generating the machine translation that would be free of errors. There is no doubt that languages differ from one another and these differences constitute the main problem on the way to the perfect machine translation.